Microreview: Kettle Chips — Korean Barbeque Flavor

background: we were meandering in a small pharmacy in Newport Beach searching for an umbrella because we were 400 miles from home and it was about to rain cats and dogs. because shop keeps are smart they keep snacks by the cashwrap so that while you’re waiting in line you will impulse buy. i am highly susceptible to such tactics and had never seen Korean Barbeque Kettle Chips... so naturally i had to test them for science.

pros: if you like kettle chips, Lay’s BBQ flavor, and a good mouth kick this is the flavor for you. pairs well with a fruity IPA.

cons: there’s nothing Korean about these. cultural appropriation at its finest. the korean on the bag 고기집 translates to "meat house" but the true meaning of this is false advertising. they taste like regular BBQ chip flavor with a little extra spice. on top of this you will be wistfully consuming these in a dark hotel room because your kids are asleep and it's far too early for you to, your wife is out with her college friends having the time of her life, and so too are the folks in the hotel room next door who are pre-partying and will not leave until 1130p (don’t worry... if you're feeling lonely, they’ll be back at 230a). after realizing you’ve been duped by both the pharmacy and Kettle Chips you will crave a pile of regular Salt and Pepper Kettles with some real kimchi on top. unfortunately this is not something room service can provide.

originally published in #platform-random at SlackHQ