Amazon Prime Day 2022

This is obviously a Prime Day promotion, updated regularly so friends and family have one place to look. Check out my affiliate disclosure!

Amazon Prime day is upon us! July 12th and 13th, 2022. Why is this so important you ask?

6% cash back when you make purchases with your Amazon Prime Chase Card at or Whole Foods! If you have items in your cart you have been waiting to buy, wait until Tuesday and Wednesday. Earn up to 20% when you use your Amazon Business Prime AMEX!

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Hey, hey. We are in the second and final day of Amazon Prime Day. A couple of previous recommended items have sold out or their lightning deals expired and have moved to the bottom of the list. A couple of items are also a few dollars cheaper today! Happy Prime Day, and let me know if you catch any sick deals.

Consumer Electronics

If you are constantly on Messenger this is a great video calling device. Also supports Netflix, Pandora, Facebook, Spotify, Amazon Instant Video. META's Smart Camera is really neat and follows you around the room.

LIGHTING DEAL! A great kids first laptop or a random living room surfing device.

LIGHTNING DEAL! Great for showing items on a screen without all huddling around a laptop. Or use with the Nintendo Switch for better viewing.

LIGHTNING DEAL! Hiboy is a Track Day Paddock favorite for electric scooters. This one goes up to 19mph and has 25 miles of range!

This is kind of just wow. 288Wh or 576Wh with the extra battery. Juice anything you need in a power outage or camping. I'm buying this for the bug out kit. This was sold out for a minute, but back to being a deal... with a one week shipping delay.

Like a GoPro, but from the maker of more than 80% of the world's drones.

Perfect for summer travel plans. e-Ink easier on your eyes. Prime Day is always the best time to pick up a Kindle e-Reader!

Digital Storage

The SanDisk 2TB Portable is perfect for huge portable file storage on the go.

Small, fast, durable. If you have a Tesla, this is the absolute best drive to store Sentry video camera footage.

Tons of storage and Class 3 for your GoPro or other video device!

Boost the storage of your Nintendo Switch with this 1TB microSDXC.

A dinosaur of an HDD, but 16 terabytes to backup BTS videos and family photos.


Get ready for fire season. This one is going to be a doozy with the lack of rain in California. We have a Blue 411 Auto ($93.09) in the bedrooms and the Blue 211+ Auto ($237.99) on a timer in our living room.

We call our roborock, Jarvis. Jarvis has saved us a lot of time with his smart AI mapping. You should totally get one of these if you have messy kids.

Too many items here to list individually. Video doorbells on sale too! If you have been waiting to get security cameras now is your chance. I'm thinking about getting additional cameras to catch the dog that keeps pooping on my gravel.

Think of blink as the Amazon Basics of home security cameras, except with the full technology of Alexa and Amazon. Ridiculously affordable with long-lasting batteries and mobile apps for monitoring.


We are a YETI family, but know lots of folks that love Contigo. Our kids have moved to bubba water bottles, and this adult sized one looks great ($12.74 - Save 36%)!

Invaluable for freezing meat and sous vide prep! We love ours.

Cheaper on Day 2 of Prime Day. I thought I would never leave LaCroix, but then we won a SodaStream for secret santa. Now I much prefer the SodaStream. A splash of real lime or lemon juice tastes way better than artificial LaCroix flavors. Yes, you have to buy new cylinders, but if you consume sparkling water at the rate our family does you will come out ahead in the long run. Save money and have better tasting sparkling water!

Let's face it. Non-stick pans are consummables. Our Tramontina's have lasted longer than any others that we have tried, including the very expensive ScanPan. Oven-safe without the handle to 400degrees. It is dishwasher safe but we hand wash to save the non-stick coating. Buying two more today.

We have the big boy and it takes up a tonnnnnn of room. Got my Mom this Mini last Christmas and it doesn't! Great deal and one you can potentially save for a holiday gift.

I always thought having martini glasses at home was a bit extra. But at $20, why not?


Check out these Kids' Disney Spinners ($209.99). Perfect for your next Disney Cruise. This Disney Frozen roller and backpack combos is just $84.69.

Seriously, gear up at home for Disney Cruise or your Disney World trip so you don't have to buy your kids stuff there.


Here's the deal. I have wholesale access to Chemical Guys, but I often cannot beat Amazon's pricing. For them to then put it on further sale is absolutely insane. Here is what I use and what I am stocking up on...

the Lightning Fast Stain Extractor works great on home carpets as well, but not on Prime Day sale.

It's a great day to be alive. If it seems like the Griot's discount isn't much, it's because it is rarely discounted. After restoring the single stage paint on the '99 Miata you have to believe in this stuff. The Hybrid Ceramic Spray Wax is best for lazy washers. Easy application and amazing water beading properties. I clean off bird doodoo with Griot's Ceramic Speed Shine. My typical habit is once a week clean up with P&S Xpress Interior Cleaner (not on sale), but Griot's makes a great product as well.

Chat with me if you are confused about any of these products or need other wash recommendations. I have not included my full arsenal as many of the products are not currently on Prime Day sale.

It's simple. If you want a battery maintainer, CTEK makes the absolute best. Dedicated AGM mode if you have a fickle AGM battery like on the E90 M3. Even if you have a simple battery, this unit will not overcharge it ever. You are driving your car less and less these days, get a CTEK.


Hi preggo friends! Here's a bunch of random small stuff. Save the big stuff for uncles and aunties to buy. These have made our life easier. Some stuff like actual changing table pads and stuff aren't on Prime Day sale so you can always buy them later.

Mixed reviews, but it's way less expensive than the Philips units we have. You're probably fine with just the iHealth. Upgrade to an ear if you think the forehead thermometer is lying.

Pretty much EVERYONE has the Skip Hop Pronto portable changing pad. It's about $26. This is pretty much the same but cheaper and an extra $5 off coupon right now. Get one for the stroller and one for the car.

Ok, this might seem kind of extra. But your baby ain't want no cold wipe. Since it's on sale it's only a couple bucks more than a traditional wipe holder (which is nice because one handed wipe pull).

Dead Deals

You snooze, you lose on Prime Day! I missed out on the EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station while researching other products. Do not leave items in your cart. Just checkout!

- Cricut Maker - $209 - 58% off

LIGHTNING DEAL! If you know our family you know we are a Cricut family. Get yours now instead of having to come to our house.

This was a pretty good deal, but if you want one at a similar price head to Wal-Mart online!

- Sacrack USB C Fast Charger - $29.52 - Save 58%

Luckily this no name Chinese company has not littered the product with their brand name. 3 USB C and 3 old school USB slots. 90W, fast charging. On lightning deal now. Buying this for travel!

Sad. I checked out too late.

- Premium Garlic Press - $6.99 - Save 46%

We use a press daily. This one is dirt cheap.

- Amazon Basics Silicone, Non-Stick, Food Safe Baking Mat - $7.89 - 40% Off

Silpats. Wife, didn't you say you needed these last week?


- EASYFUN Packing Cubes - $16.99 Lightning Deal - 54% Off

Cheap! Ends at 6pm PST.

- Travel Inspira Digital Luggage Scale - $9.59 Lightning Deal - Extra 20% Off

Big trip or international travelers, this is a must have to see if you are over the limit. These work great. Just don't throw out your back with the 110lb maximum.

- MotorBuddy Safety Hammer - $13.56 - Lightning Deal 24% off

Do you fear going over the side of the San Mateo Bridge? This safety hammer will cut seat belts and break windows. I'm finally buying one today.

- Kidsneed Video Baby Monitor - $57.39 - 28% off

Lightning deal! Good deal for one with a separate handheld screen and speaker. Don't get the ones that hook up to your phone. That's dumb. Why you gonna tie up your phone and drain your battery.

- iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer - $15.99 - 71% off

~~Lightning deal! A thermometer is a thermometer. These devices are so cheap to make accurately these days that it's hard to go wrong. Choose one that you don't have to touch the baby's skin, so you don't need to wake him or her up. I prefer ear so... ~~

- Diaper Caddy Organizer - $9.59 - Save 47%

Nice to have next to the changing table.

Happy Prime Days!